Live surveillance

Powerful Video Security Without the Complexity

GoCámara powered by Verkada replaces obsolete equipment with technology that’s smart, secure and easy to manage.

Simple Setup

Install GoCámara powered by Verkada cameras or Surveillance Trailers easily and in minutes. No need for added software or complex port forwarding.

Automatic Updates

Stay ahead of emerging security threats and keep up-to-date with the latest features. Leave ongoing maintenance in the past.

Built-in Storage

Store up to 365 days of standard quality footage directly on the camera. No need for NVRs, DVRs, or servers.

Simplify Security at Scale

Full Functionality With Minimal Bandwidth

GoCámara powered by Verkada cameras store footage locally and send encrypted thumbnails to the cloud, streaming only when viewed. With bandwidth as low as 20-50 kbps, easily scale to thousands of cameras per location.

Bring Speed and Simplicity to Investigations

Search across your camera fleet and retrieve footage in seconds. Consolidate relevant footage in one place to streamline incident management and simplify reporting.

Improve Visibility with Centralized Management

Effortlessly manage camera fleets across multiple sites with our centralized Command platform. Bring all your camera feeds together in one place and grant secure access to your entire team, no matter where they are.

Experience the Advantages of a Cloud-Managed Solution

Gain a unified view of activity of events across all devices and sites. Receive nearly instant customized alerts for offline cameras or unusual activity. Share live footage via SMS and email in just a few clicks.

Included With the Purchase of a GoCámara powered by Verkada Camera

Full Service Support included *

Automatic Alerts

Unlimited Cloud Archiving

Motion Plotting

30-Days Cloud Backup

Live-Link Sharing


Simplify investigations with intelligent people and face detection.

  • Easily find people by selecting a detected face or uploading an image
  • Filter by attributes like clothing color, gender, and facial matches
  • Get notified via SMS or email when a matching face is detected

Quickly search and filter to find vehicles of interest.

  • View high-resolution snapshots of detected vehicles
  • Generate and export multi-angle playback for efficient evidence gathering
  • Filter by attributes like vehicle color and body type

Find evidence faster and more efficiently.

  • Select a region of interest within the camera’s field of view.
  • Instantly replay videos and view detected person trajectories.
  • Toggle between individuals and their corresponding paths.

Estimate foot traffic at critical locations.

  • See how many people cross customizable digital lines on camera feeds
  • Optimize business operations by monitoring space usage
  • Adjust staffing, hours of operation, or manage customer flow based on insights

Monitor license plates in real time and streamline vehicle investigations.

  • See live plate detection across your organization on the LPR page in Command
  • Capture plate characters at high speeds and across multiple lanes
  • Get alerts when a specific plate is detected at any of your locations

Watch timelapses of activity in frame with scrubbing.

  • Monitor activity progress with threaded thumbnail playback
  • View 24 hours of footage in under 30 seconds
  • Easily locate motion with bounding boxes in timelapse footage

Share secure access to camera footage and features with authorized users.

  • Share access to sites and camera feeds via link or SMS
  • Select duration of time that viewers can access footage
  • Easily add, edit, or revoke user access

Easily prove the integrity of your footage.

  • Use Verkada Verify to check the authenticity of any video exported from Command
  • Everyone, including non-Verkada users, can access the tool from their browser – no login required

Line-crossing and loitering alerts provide added control over motion alerts, allowing organizations to detect specific activities that warrant attention.

Now customers can trigger an alert if a person or vehicle crosses a digital line in the direction they specify, such as when someone trespasses or breaks a fence line. Line-crossing alerts help screen out non-critical activity like someone passing through the parking lot but not approaching the building. 

Another option is to trigger an alert if a person or vehicle is loitering on the property. If someone is just passing by, nothing will happen. But if they remain in a pre-selected region beyond a user-specified time threshold, that will trigger an alert. 

Like other alert types, line-crossing and loitering alerts can be scheduled for specific times of the day and days of the week, such as after hours on weekdays and all day during weekends. Users can set up these alerts from the Alerts page in Command.


Find the right GoCámara powered by Verkada cameras for your needs.